Wavetable editor for Novation Peak and Summit

Novations adds wavetable editing to the Peak and Summit synths, with Noisia and NASA

Novation’s latest update is a free wavetable editor for its FPGA-based synthesizers, the Peak and Summit. Included with the Components librarian and editor, it dramatically expands the potential for sound creation.

You don’t need to do anything – next time you connect your Peak or Summit to Components and let the software update, you’ll find a new tab at the top.

Novation Peak Wavetable editor

It includes a set of wavetables from Dutch artists, producers and sound designers Noisia to get you going. But wait, there’s more! See that little rocket in the bottom right corner? Click it, and your sound design takes off…

With the launch of the wavetable editor, Novation’s also included a selection of NASA sounds to get your audio creativity off the ground and demonstrate the user sample import capability. Yep, the Summit and Peak now have the ability to create sounds based on your own samples too…

NASA sounds in the Novation Peak Wavetable editor

Peaks and Summits may be the highest points you can reach when based on the ground, but you can see why adding user-generated wavetables inspired Novation to consider that this makes their high-end synths…

…out of this world.