A leg to stand on…

This website became very quiet a few years ago, something I can only attribute to an accident sustained whilst forgetting how stairs work. However, being a geek/tech website, I have to give belated credit to the device that kept me mobile and able to work during a 9 month initial recovery.

The support, referred to by the inventors as a “hands-free crutch” and not offered (or widely known about) by the UK’s excellent NHS, is ideal for lower leg injuries. Their website is at http://www.iwalk-free.com – I had the original version, which was rather cruder than the current model but still very effective, and I sourced it from a UK reseller at the aptly titled http://www.peglegs.co.uk

My injury was a complex fracture (shattering, in fact) of the lower part of the tibia and fibula, which had been reset in Tunisia with plate, wires and screws. From February 2012 to November 2012, weight bearing was a bad idea, and for the first six months, impossible – even by November, the tibia had a substantial gap without bone! However, as the upper part – the shin below the knee – was fine I could use the iWalk to keep belting about. This also helped keep strength up, as otherwise recovering muscle in my legs would have taken much longer. From the end of February to July, and sporadically after that depending on pain and strength levels, the iWalk WAS my leg, and the moment I was able to get off the sofa, make a cup of tea, and bring it back to my laptop without help was amazing.

Your mileage may vary and your injuries may be different, of course, but this is a fantastic invention for solving the problem. The new model, well, I wish I’d broken my leg a year later! In case of future operations to reset the mess, I’ve retained mine, but the UK importer does rent them out for short-term injuries like ankle sprains.

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