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Welcome to – the unfortunately-named website of someone who is an extreme geek. This site exists purely to review and detail products, and discuss things not necessarily of a massively in-depth technical nature, but that are A Bit Geeky.

There is no specific subject. You can expect computers, cars, technology of all sorts to show up in here. Some will be new, some will be old.

Comments are welcome, albeit moderated to avoid spam – and I’m quite happy to accept relevant links.

There’s no SEO-gaming junk, no roundups of things I’ve never seen written by a content executive at a digital agency to mop up clicks or improve page rank. If you found it, you found it – awesome!

I would ask that if the information is useful, please click on my Google Ads bar (when it’s present) or Amazon links. Every few years I get a fiver voucher to waste on something…

How did the internet become so dumb?

I recommend not supporting the infuriating circular referrals sites, only “proper” retailers – perhaps if people stop supporting the “sites that point to other sites pointing to other sites” nonsense under the pretence of providing useful information our Google results, and use of the internet, will prove to be far more efficient.

Most of the time, if you search for something technical, you’ll get some barely-english automated script with a few key phrases

Whilst it is tempting to say “The opinions etc” about the content – I’m hoping common sense will apply. I deal with many marketing and PR firms, and I really want to stress – Stated “enthusiasm” for one product does not mean that I dislike all other products in the same genre. I like ALL good products, I dislike products that are flawed in avoidable ways or do not meet marketed, stated or reasonable expectations. I will not shy away from saying if something is sub-par, whether I’ve been given it to review, given it outright, or bought it myself. Most of my reviews will state exactly which context I am reviewing a product in.

Thankyou to all my early readers; I’m far from astoundingly popular online (or IRL ;) ) yet, but I see some early signs of people enjoying the content I have provided. Good.

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